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Answers From the Land of Dreams

Good Morning, all!

I slept terrificly last night, considering the scary circumstances from earlier yesterday evening.  Just to recap, I was offered a role in a Windex commercial and ultimately threatened into doing it.  The stipulations were as follows;  I could accept the role, but would have to carry the director's demon child (which actually DOESN'T have seven heads, my bad) for a gestation period of six weeks, OR I could decline and surely be killed.  I asked the director for a night to weigh my options, and I've decided what I'm going to do.

It came to me in a dream. . .

I dreamt that I was locked in a room of the Hyperion Hotel, high above the streets of LA.  Some sort of apocalypse was happening outside and the only thing I could do was pace the floor and talk to Lilah Morgan, who was sitting on this room's lumpy old bed.  Suddenly, Lilah started to cry ... and if any of you know Lilah Morgan, she doesn't cry.  When I asked what was wrong, Lilah said that she didn't want the world to end because all she had ever wanted was to have a baby.  I swear I heard Ace of Base "All That She Wants" playing somewhere outside the room.  I told Lilah not to worry, and that we'd soon be free.
Somehow, Lilah and I managed to escape the room and made our way to the kitchen on the ground floor of the Hyperion.  The back loading door was open and no one was around.  I suddenly felt awful and sick.  Apparently, I had been living at the Hyperion for a while, serving the team of Angel Investigations wholeheartedly.  But the realization that my team members had left me sent me reeling.  
Lilah and I proceeded outside into the night.  We heard screams and cries from the city, but saw no one.  Suddenly, a group of people in orange jumpsuits appeared.  It was my team!  Gunn and Fred hopped out of Gunn's truck and presented me with a shovel for "protection."  I tried to hand one to Lilah, but she was gone.  My plans at helping her find a baby were crushed.
I followed the AI team through the woods of LA (hmmm?) and then into a town square where hundreds of people stood, poised to fight.  Angel showed up and took my shovel, replacing it with one of his favorite swords.  When I asked why, he simply said "You're part of the team now."  And smiled.

So, this dream told me a few things:
Lilah = My trepidations at helping Director Michael Lovelace bring a demon-child into the world.  Since Lilah Morgan was evil before/after she died, she represented the side of EVIL in my dream.  I could have helped her, but at what price?  Losing my life in the sudden apocalypse?
The Hyperion Hotel = Me being trapped in the hotel was representative of me being tricked or snared by the Windex executives.  In my dream I had the courage to escape, but will I today?
Angel & the AI Team = The team (Wes, Fred, Gunn) represented the aspect of friends and family.  Real friends will never really desert you, even when it may seem that way at times like, oh let's say, when they don't comment on your blog with helpful friendly advice?  The large grouping of people in the town square represented the side of GOOD and that, by leaving Lilah and following the AI team, I had chosen to "fight the good fight."  Angel showed up to give me his sword as a way of furthering my understanding of what I must do. . .

I must kill Michael Lovelace.
I'm gonna need a broadsword. . . 

G'day, mates!


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