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Drinking Chips: A Dreadful Habit

Today, at work, I decided to take my lunch alone.  I walked to the nearest empty quarter of my office building and sat at a sun-drenched table near our closed cafe.  It seemed ridiculous to me that a coffee shop would close at 2pm, the height of lunch hour, but these things are sent to try us, I suppose.  
I sipped a bowl of warm soup and crunched on croutons I had brought from home.  I played around on Twitter for a while, and finished my meal, packed it up, and threw away my garbage (in its respectable recycling bin, of course).  Upon leaving the cafe I realized I wasn't alone as I had expected.  A rather large woman from management was sitting across the room from me, seemingly drinking a bag of potato chips.  Suddenly nauseous, I quickly averted my eyes and darted back to my desk.  I couldn't believe what I had just seen.  A corporate VP slurping from a near-empty bag of chips?  How revolting!  Apparently the woman had reached the bottom of the bag, but wanted the crumbs, thus tilting her head back and lapping at the inside of the greasy, plastic baggy.  Doesn't she know that crumbs are for birds and the homeless? 
This is troubling.  Why on earth would a woman of stature (all meanings, please) stoop so low as to try and gulp her shaved potatoes?  Has everyone in America gone mad?  Is the Obama administration still reeling from the messes George W. Bush made (for I can imagine GWB drinking his chips)?  
Drinking chips; a disgusting habit no one should entertain.



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  1. George W. Bush doesn't drink chips.
    He drinks pretzels- and then chokes on them.