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Windex -or- How the Wealthy Stay Clean

So, as a few of you may know, I recently signed an agreement with Richard V. Wayland, the Windex guy, to appear in a commercial for America's favorite glass cleaner.  Well, here are a few things one doesn't know about glass cleaner until one has had the pleasure of selling it to the masses:

A)  Richard V. Wayland is a very wealthy man who obviously has someone from either South America or France Windexing his windows on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

B) Windex is NOT for drinking, especially by children.

C) Commercial directors are meaner than any other type of director (i.e. Camp Director).

Now to the real point of interest; should one do something one wouldn't normally do for money/a job?  Let's say, hypothetically of course, that Michael (the Windex comm. director) asked me (the Windex comm. star) to say, carry his seven-headed demon-spawn in my gut . . . would you suggest I do it for the role, or back out politely?

The pros of this situation are obvious; I get the role, get paid, get noticed, etc.  And the gestation period for a Vocah demon is only like, six weeks.  So I'd be back into shape before my birthday, right?

The cons are heavier though;  Apparently, Vocah spawn are calcium hogs, and I really like my teeth IN my head.  Secondly I'd get fat, which I'm not sure about at all!  I mean, I'm almost 21, I have at least 15 years until I can get away with having a big belly.

I need some answers, friends and readers.  Please, tell me what you would do in my situation.  You know, hypothetically.

Thanks, all.


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